Waterproof flooring in Rancho Cordova, CA from Floor Source

Is waterproof flooring the same as water-resistant?

Water-resistant and waterproof flooring are two different materials. And they offer various protective benefits as well.

If you need protection against water damage, this difference will be significant. And we're going to help you understand which will be better for your household.

Waterproof flooring could be what you need

Waterproof materials are the only options for complete protection against water damage. Waterproof flooring offers 100% protection, even in flood conditions, for your complete peace of mind.

These floors offer added durability with scratch, stain, and scuffs protection. And waterproof vinyl flooring offers extensive visual choices for matching any decor.

Water-resistant floors are enough for some homes

If your needs aren't as far-reaching, you can enjoy water-resistant materials. These floors give you up to 72 hours to clean up messes for the best results.

They also offer great looks for every room, with added durability against wear. And like waterproof vinyl, they can serve you for almost 20 years or more.

Enjoy all the benefits of your choice

No matter which material you choose, you'll find many added benefits. And you'll enjoy them all with waterproof vinyl and waterproof laminate flooring.

Be sure to ask any questions you have about any materials while here. The answers could help you choose the perfect material and more.

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