How often should carpet flooring be cleaned?

How often should carpet flooring be cleaned?

Since dirt wears down carpet fibers, you can extend the lifespan of your carpeting by vacuuming it at least weekly and shampooing it as needed. Routine maintenance also includes professional cleaning about once a year.

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Benefits of carpet cleaning

There are good reasons to have your carpets professionally cleaned every year.

● Embedded dirt and contaminants are removed, which promotes better health.

● Trapped odors, especially from pets, vanish, so your home smells better.

● Stains disappear, which means your carpeting looks new again.

● Finally, serious problems, such as mold growth, are mitigated. 


Professional carpet cleaners always look for minor problems that can quickly become more significant and expensive. For example, seams are inspected for frayed or loose edges where the carpet meets the doorways, baseboards, walls, or hard surface flooring.

Buckling, or rippling of your carpet installation, due to stretching, can occur for various reasons, is also noted.


Unlike many units designed for home, commercial-grade portable steam cleaners and truck-mounted units provide sufficient suction power to handle even the toughest cleaning jobs.

Further, the superheated steam kills hidden pests and sanitizes surfaces. Professional cleaners are equipped with various tools to ensure that every inch of your home is cleaned.

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