The most durable American hardwood flooring species

The most durable American hardwood flooring species

Engineered hardwood flooring is a durable material expected to last for many decades. These manufactured planks have a plywood base layer under a hardwood surface layer, and with the wide variety of wood species available, you will find a style that blends well with your home decor.

Floor Store in Rancho Cordova, CA, has a great selection of hickory, oak, maple, and birch-engineered wood flooring, and we offer other wood species.


Hickory, one of the most challenging domestic woods, is prized for its durability, distinctive grain, and unique color variation. This wood displays a sophisticated contrast of light and dark colors that look beautiful with or without a stain. In addition, hickory planks are hard to scratch and easy to maintain.


Oak is an abundant wood that has been a homeowner favorite for many years. Red oak and white oak are the most common, and each species is found in a variety of colors that range from light to dark. Oak hardwood flooring stains evenly and easily, so the color choice is limitless.


With its light and even color and subtle, straight grain, maple wood flooring provides a great 'background' for your furniture. As one of the densest wood species, maple is ideal for high-traffic areas. Most often, this 'bowling alley wood' is installed with a sealant only.


Red, white, yellow, and black birch are environmentally-friendly hardwood flooring choices since trees grow rapidly and, thus, can easily be replaced and reused as a sustainable material. The most popular planks, which show off prominent wood grain swirls, are light in color.

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