Three dining room tile flooring trends

Three dining room tile flooring trends

Durable and low-maintenance porcelain and ceramic tile flooring are ideal for a dining room since it offers superior functionality and an upscale look. In addition, these clay-based tiles are stain, scratch, chip resistant, and waterproof.

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Tile and plank

If you want to be on the cutting edge of interior design, combine ceramic or porcelain tile with hardwood flooring to create a stylish floor.

Hexagon tiles that 'meet' wood planks can highlight the dining room table or separate the dining area from other areas in an open floor plan. Pairing stone-look and plank-like wood-look porcelain tile is a good alternative.

Large format

Large format tiles, or tile flooring with one side longer than 15 inches, bring a sleek look to a home space that is simple and elegant. These square or rectangular tiles are made of one of the clay-based materials as well as stone.

Large format tiles have a visually expansive effect that is accentuated when the grout color matches the tile color to create a cohesive surface.

Layout patterns

Two or more tiles can be combined to fashion a floor with a unique design or to recreate a classic look, such as a black and white checkerboard floor.

Instead of a traditional grid pattern, elevate the room's appearance using tile flooring with a layout pattern like herringbone or chevron. A border around the perimeter of the room or the dining room table is eye-catching.

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