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Three tips for knowing if hardwood flooring is for you

Since engineered wood complements solid wood flooring in the marketplace, hardwood flooring is likely for you.

Solid wood and engineered wood bring the same classic beauty to a home, but there are differences between the two kinds of flooring. You can find a great selection of trendy plank styles at Floor Store in Rancho Cordova, CA.

1. Engineered wood floors tolerate moisture

You can have engineered wood installed in areas unsuitable for solid wood since it is designed to tolerate moisture. Layers of plywood, situated in different directions, make up the base found beneath the hardwood flooring surface layer.

It's important to remember that while planks aren't damaged by moisture, they are not waterproof.

2. A hammer and nails are not needed for an engineered wood installation

Solid wood is nailed to a wood subfloor, but manufactured planks are designed for click and lock installation. That means the floor floats above the subfloor instead of being attached.

Thus, engineered wood floors can be laid over a cement subfloor or existing hard surface flooring, so possibly, your existing floor won't need to be removed before your new wood floor is installed.

3. Solid wood flooring is ideal for any moisture-free space

Rather than discount hardwood floors because of your lifestyle, choose the style that meets your needs. For example, pet owners will find that a textured, light-colored floor with a lower sheen hides scratch marks well.

Also, consider that wood flooring has a beveled look when constructed with prefinished planks and a flush look when unfinished planks are used.

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