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What to know about waterproof hardwood flooring

Do you want both waterproof flooring and hardwood flooring at the same time? Well, you may have a reasonable choice within your reach.

Most homeowners know that hardwood and water are enemies. But some options could help you create the experience you want and need.

Is hardwood flooring waterproof?

Natural hardwood is not waterproof and can take on significant damage if combined with it in any way. But some options make protection from water damage an option.

If you have spaces with dampness or spills, you need something extra. And there are ways to enhance your engineered wood floors to make them more resistant to water.

Different manufacturers use different technologies to offer this protection. For example, some use a polymer composite core and a protective finish to keep water and wear at bay.

More facts about waterproof hardwood flooring

Only a few brands offer this type of technology, as it's brand new. But as more homeowners learn of the option, it's likely to become more popular.

Besides excellent protection, these floors offer stunning beauty for any decor style. And you'll find engineered hardwood flooring versatile enough to use in any room.

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