hardwood flooring

When you need a great hardwood refinish & repair

With the installation of hardwood flooring, there will almost always come a need for a hardwood refinish & repair at some point. These floors are functional, elegant, hard-wearing, and dependable, but just like all natural flooring materials, they sometimes need to be repaired and maintained. Choosing a company that knows what they’re doing with regard to these procedures can make a world of difference, which is something we’d like to tell you about in more detail.

At The Floors Store we offer a large variety of products and just as many professional services. We know how important our customer’s flooring is to them, and it’s just as important to us. We not only want to make sure you have the perfect floor coverings for your home, but we want to help maintain them in such a way that you’ll get the absolute best lifespan possible. If you’re in the Sacramento area and find yourself in need of such services, feel free to visit our Rancho Cordova, CA showroom, where our friendly and professional associates are standing by to assist you.

Hardwood refinish & repair you can count on

Hardwood flooring has an extensive lifespan, as any homeowner who has the flooring installed can readily tell you. However, after decades of wear and tear, and possibly some abuse if you have an excessively active household, there comes a need for hardwood refinish & repair.

The refinishing process helps bring your floors back to a like-new finish by stripping away years of scratches, scuffs, dents, and dings that can mar the overall look of your flooring. Finishes can be worn away, leaving bare wood that is then susceptible to any of a variety of damaging elements. Together, the result can be flooring that looks much less appealing than it did when it was first installed. Refinishing strips the wood down to a new layer which can then be turned into the brand new finish you’re looking for. During the process, you can even choose to change the stain color and finish type.

During the refinishing process, it is sometimes necessary to also do some repairs to create the best look after the work is finished. Sometimes certain damages can occur, especially from water damage, that can truly cause problems overall. However, our professionals can take care of both a hardwood refinish & repair all in the same project, leaving you with floors that look brand new again. Afterward, you’ll be left with flooring that will give you another few decades before needing any more attention.