How to avoid moisture issues with hardwood flooring

How to avoid moisture issues with hardwood flooring

Moisture and hardwood flooring do not mix well; solid hardwood must be laid only in moisture-free home spaces. However, there is an excellent alternative to solid wood flooring, which can be found at Floor Store in Rancho Cordova, California.

Engineered wood might be manufactured, but it offers the same great look for which hardwood is known.

Surface layer

Engineered wood has a surface layer of hardwood, and if you opt for a top-quality brand, this layer will be thick enough to allow for one-time refinishing in future years. Wood species include popular domestic hardwoods like oak, maple, walnut, and hickory.

Also, look for trendy distressed hardwood flooring planks with a weathered appearance or visually appealing textured planks.

Base layer

Engineered wood will not swell or warp when installed in a basement or other moisture-prone space because its plywood base is designed to tolerate moisture.

This type of wood flooring is quite sturdy, tolerating temperature and humidity level fluctuations well so buckling does not occur. Low-maintenance engineered wood floors have a lifespan of 30 years or more.

Plank installation

Unlike solid hardwood floors, manufactured planks need no attachment to a subfloor, and thus, a floor can be constructed over a wood or concrete surface. Specifically, the planks are made to connect to the floor floats above the subfloor.

Underlayment enhances the floor's performance, and a moisture barrier is included when the flooring is laid over concrete. 

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